The emerging uses of unmanned aerial vehicles (Uavs) in modern society

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Universidad Iberoamericana León
Unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones, are becoming increasingly popular in today’s society on both hobby and commercial levels. One million drones are built every year across the globe. In the United States alone, 5,168 businesses have already been granted permission to make use of UAVs, mainly in the agriculture and aerial videography/photography sectors. However, the principal use of drones today is still hobby and recreation. In this paper, I focus on the exciting applications of UAVs, which are emerging today or will be available in near future. These include: package delivery, emergency response and medical uses, meteorology, education, inspections, and even wildlife conservation. I cover drones of all sizes, starting from micro- and mini-UAVs and ending with optionally piloted aircraft. I explain the reluctance of our society to embrace this innovation, despite the many benefits it offers to mankind. Any new technological development is initially accompanied by misconceptions and fear from the general public. It is important that all users who employ UAVs do so responsibly.
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