A conceptual framework for social entrepreneurship and social innovation in Mexico

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Universidad Iberoamericana León
In order for social entrepreneurship and social innovation to take off for real in Mexico, two major inhibitors on structural level needs to be addressed and eliminated/reduced. One inhibitor is material and the other is discursive in nature. The material inhibitor is the lingering power of old money, old elites, old solutions, old thinking, and old ways of organizing economic activity that still dominates economic and social life in Mexico. Inter-twinned with this material inhibitor is the discursive inhibitor; the skills of old power representatives in using “new and fresh vocabulary” to discursively obscure, blur and distort that their activities still are based on the aforementioned old power logic. The purpose of this article is to contribute to remedy the problem with the discursive inhibitor, via proposing an actionable conceptual framework for social entrepreneurs and social innovators in Mexico. If achieving some success on the discursive arenas, gains and wins therefrom can be used to take on the material inhibitor on the political-legal arenas. The henequen industry in Yucatan is used as an illustrative case to support the purpose.
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