Producción de Poliésteres a Partir de Bacterias Fijadoras de Nitrógeno

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Universidad Iberoamericana León
The dependence of oil as a preponderant and precursor energy medium for the production of most of the things we use in our daily life, is saturating natural systems with waste causing imbalance, since usually these residues are slow, or very slow degradation A specific case of these wastes are those generated by the plastics industry, which are found as fragments of all sizes in terrestrial and marine ecosystems, even within animal organisms. Global plastic consumption has increased from 5 million tons per year in 1950 to 200 million in 2011, and is expected to be close to 500 million by 2021. This paper aims to contribute from scientific research, to generate knowledge, about biodegradable alternatives of these materials, which are integrated into nature in a short time and do not remain as a contaminant. Specifically, the production of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) from nitrogen fixing bacteria is evaluated, from which their growth and their ability to produce these compounds are determined.
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